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Phone: +372 5520259
Skype: vallist
All music arranged or composed by Tarmo Vallist. Used software: Finale (music), Pdf 995 (pdf), Serif PagePlus X4  (web-design). Check out free Finale Reader and Adobe Reader for viewing and printing mus- and pdf-files.
Kõikide siinsete lugude või seadete autor on Tarmo Vallist.
Kasutatud tarkvara: Finale (muusika), Pdf 995 (pdf), Serif PagePlus X4 (webikujundus). Kasuta tasuta Adobe Readerit ja Finale Readerit mus- ja pdf-failide vaatamiseks-
Last update: 18.05.2011
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Other showcases
W. Stuckenholz Dance of Death, Walz
(for symphony orchestra)
wma (Finale 2008)
Tarmo Vallist Holidaymaker, march
(for symphony orchestra)
Tarmo Vallist Eclectica 1
(for brass quintet)
B. Rem, A. Rand Only You
Raimond Valgre
A Day Ago You Said "Yes"
Raimond Valgre
Blond Alexandra
Raimond Valgre
Waltz from Narva
Sergey Rachmaninov Vocalise
(for Solo Cello and String Orchestra)
Philipp Nicolai
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme
Levko Kolodub  
Ukrainian Concertino  1st mov.
(for 2 French Horns and Orchestra)
Gaetano Braga Serenaad
(Violin and cello)
Amor, Amor, Amor
Kui möödub päevi
Musik ist Trumpf
My Little Geisha
Queen of the Flowers
More coming soon...